“The purpose of recognizing discrimination is not to become a victim, but a revolutionary.” — Susan Estrich

In Rochester, NY visit:

In Seneca Falls, NY visit:

Near Rochester, NY visit:

  • Statue of Mary Jemison, Letchworth State Park, Castile. Known as the “White Woman of the Genesee,” Jemison lived among the Seneca Indians.
  • Harriet Tubman home, 180 South St., Auburn. Tubman led more than 300 slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad.
  • Clara Barton established the first local Red Cross society in the St. Paul’s United Lutheran Church, 21 Clara Barton St., Dansville.
  • Matilda Joslyn Gage home, 210 E. Genesee St., Fayetteville, NY. Gage was a major leader in the woman suffrage movement.

Feminist history:

LGBTQ digital archives:

  • The Empty Closet, 1971 – to present – A Rochester newspaper that is a primary resource for LGBTQ history both locally and nationally.
  • Rochester, New York Voices of LGBT History – A digital archive housed by the University of Rochester of the rich histories included in the documentary Shoulders to Stand On and the Green Thursday radio program.