Event Details

06 Dec
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Rally for Fair Scheduling

Fight for $15 Rally for Fair Scheduling. Pittsford Plaza. 4:30 pm

Act in solidarity with food service workers demanding fair scheduling! We'll be gathering to support hourly workers in calling attention to Governor Cuomo's Fair Scheduling Act, which fast food workers have already won in New York City! This call to action will be supporting that victory and fighting for the same economic justice for food workers all across New York State.

If passed through the Department of Labor, the Fair Scheduling Act would require employers to give their workers at least two weeks notice on their schedule, four hours pay for any shift lost within 72 hours, and extra pay for last minute call-in shifts. This gives workers the more predictable and dependable schedule they deserve. For example, employees with children or dependents would be better able to secure care. Therefore, a statewide fair scheduling act would continue to tackle industry-wide abusive practices.